Make-up Removers & Lotions

This range of essentials care products is the best solution for makeup removal and skin cleansing.


Micellar Cleansing Water

– Instantaneously removes skin impurities and make-up traces
– Extra mild formula for maximum tolerance
– Respects the physiologic balance of the skin and the hydrolipid film

The mild formula with physiologic pH (free from soap, alcohol and fragrance), this Micellar Cleansing Water instantly removes skin impurities and make-up traces. It provides the skin with comfort and softness without leaving a greasy residue. The skin is clean and refreshed while respecting its physiologic balance and its hydrolipid film.

Ref. BASIC/CLEAN400 – Bottle 400ml

for use

With a piece of cotton wool soaked with Micellar Cleansing Water, clean the entire face.? Repeat the operation as necessary until the elimination of impurities and make-up is done.

Exfoliating Facial Cream

To meet a growing demand for Dermo Cosmetic that can improve skin texture, Beautymed presents its Exfoliating Facial Cream :

– Mature to dull skins benefit of an anti-aging effect thanks to the exfoliation which allows decreasing wrinkles and fine lines and quickening the cellular regeneration.
– Dry to sensitive skins recover its radiance and suppleness thanks to the removing of dead cells.
– Oily to problem skins become clean and clear. The pores and skin texture are refined and the imperfections are decreased.


This cream removes dead cells and stimulates cell renewal, allowing the skin to regain its natural radiance.

Ref. BASIC/EXFO75 – Tube 75ml
Available in jar 250ml for professional use : BASIC/EXFO250

for use

Once to twice a week, on cleaned and wet skin, apply the Exfoliating Facial Cream on the face (avoiding the eye area). Massage gently with light circular motions for about one minute. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry the skin.

Milk Cleanser

– Cleanses the skin
– Removes make-up and impurities from the epidermis.
– Brings a sensation of comfort.

The Milk Cleanser removes make-up and impurities delicately. This milk helps to bring back suppleness to the skin and turns into a moment of well-being.

Ref. BASIC/MILK200 – Bottle 200ml
Available in 500ml bottle for professional use : BASIC/MILK500

for use

To proceed to make-up removal, use the Milk Cleanser by massaging onto face and neck with a cotton pad with light circular motions. Remove residues with the Tonic Lotion or rinse with water.

Tonic Lotion

– Cleanes and refreshes the skin.
– Removes impurities.

The Tonic Lotion cleanses and refreshes the skin. It removes impurities from the epidermis.

Ref. BASIC/LOT200 – Bottle 200ml
Available in bottle with pump 500ml for professional use : BASIC/LOT500

for use

Shake the bottle and apply onto targeted areas, on clean and dry skin, with light circular motions with a cotton pad.

Peel Cleanser

– Removes impurities from the epidermis
– Brings a sensation of freshness
– Has an “anti-pollution” action

With Ivy and Sunflower extracts and their ? anti-pollution ? action, this Peel Cleanser effectively cleanses the skin and removes all impurities. Thanks to its marine collagen complex hydrating* and invigorating properties, it provides the skin with a real moment of well-being while leaving it purified, fresh, supple and comfortable.

Ref. PEEL/CLEAN75 – Tube 75ml
Available in bottle with pump 500ml for professional use : PEEL/CLEAN500

for use

On wet skin, apply the Peel Cleanser onto face and neck by massaging gently with light circular motions insisting on the T-zone and avoiding eye contact.
Rinse thoroughly with water and dry delicately.

Sebo-Normalizing Lotion

– Removes sebum excess
– Purifies and revitalizes the complexion
– Refreshes and matifies the skin

Formulated to refresh, revitalize and purify the complexion, this Sebo-Normalizing Lotion gets rid, with one gesture, of sebum excess and impurities that prevent the skin from breathing and contributes to fighting against cutaneous irritations. Thanks to its marine active specifically selected, the skin energy is restored, it is soothed for a radiant, fresh and clear complexion.

Ref. SEBO/LOTION100 – Bottle 100ml

for use

Shake the bottle and apply onto targeted areas, on clean and dry skin, with light circular motions with a cotton pad.

* Upper layers of the epidermis