Oily Skin with Imperfections

Purifying/Sebo-Normalizing Cares

Clogged pores, oily skin … The mixed and oily skins are facing a problem of quantity and quality of sebum which makes them frequently prone to pimples and blemishes. Acne is a very common problem during the adolescence, affecting 80% of young people, that may also involve adults, men and women, and take other specific forms in this case.
There are specific treatments in the Beautymed range : the Dermo Active Sebo-Normalizing Line. This products line regulates excess of sebum. The skin texture is refined, pores are tightened and the complexion is glowing and bright.


1. Clean

Sebo-Normalizing Lotion

– Removes sebum excess
– Purifies and revitalizes the complexion
– Refreshes and matifies the skin

Ref. SEBO/LOTION100 – Bottle 100ml

2. Exfoliate

Salicylic Acid Peeling 10%

– Removes dead cells and reduces visible signs of acne
– Stimulates cellular renewal
– Even the skin tone


Ref. PEEL01/50 – Bottle with pipette 50ml

Peel Neutralizer

This Peel Neutralizer has specially been developed for a post-peeling use in order to restore the skin pH and contribute to fighting against irritations. Its specific soothing actives allow to bring back comfort to the skin.

Ref. PEEL/LONEU500 – Bottle with pump 500ml

3. Heal

Sebo-Normalizing Dermo Active Cream Mask

– Absorbs impurities and sebum excess
– Helps to normalize sebum production
– Purifies the skin


Ref. SEBO/MASK100 – Jar 100ml

Sebo-Normalizing Dermo Active Complex

– Helps to normalize sebum production
– Purifies the epidermis
– Contributes to restore cutaneous balance


Ref. SEBO/SER30 – Bottle with pipette 30ml

Sebo-Normalizing Dermo Active Fluid

– Helps to normalize sebum production
– Purifies the epidermis
– Beautifies the appearance of the skin


Ref. SEBO/FLUIDE50 – Bottle with pipette 50ml